Friday, July 1, 2011


Keith and I found out June 24th, last Friday, that I'm pregnant!! I'm going to make an appointment for next week to go see a doctor to start my prenatal care. We are both so happy :) and Hannah is really excited about being a big sister. We also have good news about the house hunting. We will be closing on our new home on July 15th. It's a beautiful 3 bedroom/2 bath/2 car garage house in Riverview, FL. Our apartment is all packed up and we are ready to move. Poor Hannah thought we were giving her things away when we began to pack up her room. I think she understands now that we are only packing her things up to move to our new house. It seems like everything is falling into place, just like it was planned to do :) I will post the EDD as soon as I find out and I will keep updating more frequently now.

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