Monday, October 12, 2009

Polar Bottle.... Nothing Performs Like The Original

Who knows more about insulation then a polar bear?? The makers of Polar Bottles, that's for sure. Combining the thermal properties of an insulated vacuum bottle with the lightweight, flexible features of a plastic bottle, the Polar Bottle is the ideal choice for active people. Simply fill with liquid and ice and hit the trail. For even longer cooling power, fill your Polar Bottle and store it in the freezer before use. Either way, it will keep liquids cold twice as long as conventional water bottles.
Polar Bottle® is the original insulated plastic sport bottle. It keeps liquids colder longer than other water bottles. We innovated the industry back in 1994 by creating a bottle that would actually keep water cool during any outdoor activity. The bottle has evolved in the years since with brightly colored foil liners and patterns and an innovative removable valve system. Made in America, Polar Bottle is popular throughout the world.

Bottles come in two sizes, 20oz $10.99 and 24oz $11.99


Everyday when Hannah and I wake up, we eat breakfast and then i make us a smoothie to take with us on our morning walk. I usually would have to waste paper towels to wrap around my sports bottle because the bottle would sweat and leak all over the place.... Not anymore, these bottles are perfect for keeping drinks cold and the best thing of all is they don't sweat. No matter how cold your beverage is, the bottle won't sweat and leave those awful rings everywhere you put the bottle down like the other sports bottles. They even have a carrying loop that is perfect to put on the handle of my stroller. These bottles also have a removable valve that comes out easy for cleaning and all of these plastic bottles are BPA and Phthalate-Free so you don't have to worry if its safe for you and your family to drink from.

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