Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grandma El's® Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention

Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention is a Patented, Pediatrician recommended, healing ointment. Used with each and every diaper change it will help to protect, prevent, and heal diaper rash.This pleasant fragrance-free ointment soothes baby's most sensitive skin while keeping it protected. It is absolutely the most effective diaper rash treatment product available today. Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention reduces the redness, pain, itching & irritation caused by diaper rash. This ointment creates a patented breathable, softening, protective barrier which prevents wetness from coming in contact with the skin, therefore keeping your baby comfortable. An application of Grandma El's will heal & protect, helping your precious little one to be more comfortable while sleeping, playing & exploring.

Three children & four grandchildren later, Grandma El has decided to share her patented secret with you. Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention was discovered & developed in 1974, by Grandma El's husband, Bob, who has been a staple in the skin care industry for many years. Most diaper rash is caused by wetness coming into contact with baby's sensitive skin. Anhydrous Lanolin & Yellow Petrolatum USP are combined to form a barrier preventing wetness from coming in contact with the skin. Vitamin E & Salicylic Acid USP are also included in this product to encourage healing. The unique combination of all the ingredients in Grandma El's is simply miraculous.

This ointment isn't just for diaper rash, the other uses are as follows:

Cradle Cap

Chapped Cheeks


Dry Nose


Cracked Heels


Rough Elbows

Heat Rash

Stretch-mark Reduction

Cold Sores

Razor Burn

Chapped Lips

Cuts & Scrapes


Soften Callus

Scar Reduction

Dry Patches

This Great Product comes two different containers, a jar to keep in the house and a 2oz easy dispense tube which i great to keep in the diaper bag.

Jar $14.99

Easy Dispense tube $9.99

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This is truly a GREAT product! I know a lot of different creams and ointments claim to work within just one or two diaper changes but this stuff really works. Grandma El's® is also great to use to prevent diaper rash! We use this product at night when i know Hannah is going to be in her diaper the longest. I also recommend every mom to keep a tube of this in the diaper bag too!

Lisa from Michigan writes:

Great product! my son gets frequent rashes due to some medical conditions and i have been through a LOT of diaper creams, ointments and even tried corn starch, nothing works for him! Before the 2nd day of using Grandma El's® the rash & chaffing he had was near gone! it's also great that the product is cloth diaper safe since that is what i use :-) I ordered some & can't wait to get it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag

There's no monkey business when it comes to these bags!

A super-functional bag featuring:

  • Extra-sturdy non-toxic zipper with long zipper pull - easy to use!
  • 11th strap with coordination snap has reinforced stitching for durability; Perfect for hanging on your stroller, doorknob, ect...
  • Large selection of gorgeous high quality fabrics: Designer cotton, Home Dec and Eco-friendly options.
  • Outer and inner layers are sewn separately to avoid wicking; all seams are also serged for reinforcement.
  • ProCare™ Lining
  • Seams of the inner ProCare™ Lining are permanently sealed using a non-chemical method; Sealed Seams Keep Water & Odor In Where They Belong!!

Benifits of ProCare™ Lining

  • Non-Toxic and Non-Allergenic
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Superior Waterproof Ability
  • High Duty Barrier Protection
  • Fire Retardant
  • Machine Washable and Dryable

They come in 3 convenient sizes for every type of outing

  • Small Bags (9"x7"), $13.00 : Great for snack, toys, wipes and make-up/toiletries! Also perfect as a cute wristlet.
  • Medium Bags (9"x11"), $16.00 : Perfect for toiletries, suntan lotion/bug repellent, or 2 cloth diapers and wipes when making a short trip away from home. Also makes a great carrying case for your electronics/cords. **Perfect size for diapers and wipes**
  • Large Bags (14"x14"), $22.00: Great for dirty children's clothes/bibs/burp cloths and for longer trips away from home when you will need 4-5 cloth diapers. Will also fit a pair of women's shoes up to size 10.
  • X-Large Bags (16"x22"), $28.00: These bags are great for overnight trips, beach bag, and 2 days worth of dirty cloth diapers

Lesa from Nebraska writes :
The monkey foot wet bag is great! Its the perfect size for an afternoon out. We can fit two diapers, or an entire outfit in it. Its a cinch to wash and dry, and I love the pattern. I'm thinking about buying a bigger size!

For more info and to order one, check out the link below

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet CleanWell

CleanWell hand sanitizers are made with a patented formulation of essential plant oils lab proven to kill 99.99% of harmful germs that can make you sick. CleanWell is the only hand sanitizer that is all-natural and alcohol-free. The ingredients in CleanWell are safe for kids, non-toxic, and come from rapidly renewable resources that grow abundantly worldwide.

CleanWell Stands Alone

-Naturally Antibacterial
-No harsh or toxic chemicals
-Safe for kids
-Easy-to-use spray
-Leaves hands soft
-Gentle on sensitive skin
-Readily Biodegradable
-Fresh pleasant scent
-Never tested on animals
-4x's more uses per oz. then alcohol gels

CleanWell hand sanitizers come in a convenient 1oz pocket-sized sprays, desktop bottles and wipes.

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These products are great! I think the story that is behind them is also very moving. A lot of the normal hand sanitizers are very harsh and have alcohol in them. For a long time i always thought that to kill the germs it had to have alcohol in them, well not anymore. These products are great for any mom on the go and at home. I keep one bottle of CleanWell in the pocket of my shopping cart cover and some of the CleanWell wipes in the diaper bag. Its nice to know that it's naturally Antibacterial which means it doesn't have to pack a bunch of unnecessary chemicals in them that can soak into the skin of my daughter or myself for that matter. I think these products definitely get the mommy seal of approval! If your a mommy that is on the go and want something to give you piece of mind with all the flu and cold stuff going around, go grab some CleanWell and know that your kids are protected, naturally!