Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miessence Organics

Desert Flower Shampoo (Normal to Dry Hair)

Ultra mild for daily use. Great for babies and children! Extremely mild Yucca juice and polyglucose gently cleanse the hair. Panthenol moisturises the hair. Organic avocado oil restores lustre and hydrates dry and damaged ends. Organic herbs add sheen and body to your hair.

Sunflower Body Wash

Gently cleanses your body while moisturising it with lashings of vitamin-rich, cold-pressed organic safflower oil. Contains invigorating orange peel, lemon peel and lime peel oils.
Shampoo 8.5 fl.oz $20.95
Body Wash 8.5 fl.oz $16.95

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I just want to say WOW!! I was really amazed with how great these products are. I also like the fact that these are products that everyone in my household can use. There is no need for a million different bottles of shampoo and special body wash for my daughter because these are great for everyone. Hannah has very sensitive skin so i am always looking for things that are more natural to use on her and what i found is something that is safe for her and great for the whole family (including my SO). I used the shampoo on Hannah and was amazed that it didn't bother her eyes at all and it smells great. I also have to tell everyone how refreshing the body wash smells. They made a perfect match by using the orange, lemon, and lime for this body wash. It also rinses off great and doesn't leave any film on your body like other washes i have used before. The best thing of all is that these products are all natural and organic so not only are they good for us they are good for the environment as well.

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