Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Canus L'il Goat's Milk Products

Canus developed a special line of products for babies and young children. Their delicate skin hasn’t been exposed to harsh environments very much and therefore is still ultra-sensitive. Plus they have their own list of li’l skin problems like acne and eczema. That’s why each Li’l Goat’s Milk product is specially formulated to be effective yet extra gentle.

This special line includes :

Tearless Shampoo and body wash (16oz pump bottle )

It’s specially ph-balanced for younger skin, lathers into a rich, bubbly foam and, of course, contains vitamin and nutrient rich goat’s milk.

Moisturizing Lotion ( 16oz pump bottle )

Young skin is particularly sensitive to the drying and irritating effects of the environment, household heating and air conditioning systems, even bathwater.So the goats boosted the moisturizing powers of their own milk with aloe, vitamin A and E extracts and glycerin (a naturally occurring emollient found in all animal and vegetable lipids.) Li’l Goat’s Milk lotion doesn’t just moisturize the surface of the Li’l epidermis but penetrates it so all those extra skin-soothing ingredients can get to work. Dermatologists recommend goat’s milk for eczema and pediatric acne, too.

Bar Soap ( 3.5oz bar )

Many bar soaps strip sensitive young skin of its natural protective oils. They may also contain strong, irritating fragrances. The goats find this appalling. So they set to work and developed a pure, vegetable-base bar soap just for little ones. Naturally it features rich, moisturizing goat’s milk along with glycerin and essential oils. No matter how many times a day you have to wash a sticky face, scrub behind a pair of ears or bathe away an extra layer of dirt (or two), Li’l Goat’s Milk soap will treat your child’s skin with extra gentle care.

Baby Butter ( 8oz Jar )

Thick and super-rich, Li’l Goat’s Milk Baby Butter contains fresh goat’s milk, allantoin, aloe vera, soybean oil and vitamin E extract. Quickly absorbed by young skin and especially effective on eczema, psoriasis and dry patches, it is ideal for children with extra dry and sensitive skin.

Zinc Oxide Ointment ( 10oz Jar )

Zinc oxide is an effective diaper rash treatment. It forms a protective barrier that prevents further irritation and allows young skin’s natural healing process to take over. The goats have added their own, fresh milk to a 40% zinc oxide cream, creating a diaper rash ointment that helps neutralize the burning caused by contact with urine and brings an extra level of moisturizing relief to baby’s bum.

Ultra Moisturizing Wipes ( 80 wipes per container )

Strong yet oh so soft, Li’l Goat’s Milk Baby Wipes are gentle enough to use on little faces yet thick enough to withstand a good scrub. The fragrance is light and natural – none of that artificial baby powder smell. Alcohol-free, each wipe is infused with soothing Li’l Goat’s Milk lotion. While other wipes strip away baby’s natural skin oils, these moisturize as they gently clean away dirt and grime. Wipes easily pull out with one hand.


Well i started using these products about a week ago and was surprised that something with such a great smell could also be soothing to sensitive skin. It has a great fresh and clean smell that lasts all day long. Also a plus to the Shampoo/Body Wash is that you only have to use a tiny amount and it lathers up great. The lotion is great too! It helps with all the little dry spots and is a great moisturizer. This product definitely gets the Mommy Seal of Approval

Jenny from Florida writes:

My son has very bad eczema and this stuff works great for him! I wish i would have known about these products when he was a lot younger. You now have a new customer for life! Keep up the great work.

Shannon from Florida writes:

I love the baby wipes, they are sensitive enough to use on my daughters delicate skin. They also smell great unlike traditional sensitive wipes.

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