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BabyGanics Works Hard - Plays safe Natural, Non-Toxic Household Cleaning

Armed with bottles of vinegar, boxes of baking soda and cups of lemon juice, Keith Garber and Kevin Schwartz sought to wage war against the encroaching legions of dust mites, bacteria, mold, mildew and germs that relentlessly invaded their homes. Having fruitlessly searched through the cleaning products aisles of every grocery, department and specialty baby store for safe and effective solutions, the clean-freak fathers were left to defend their families against these invaders with nothing more then natural, homemade recipes. And despite their best elbow-greased efforts, the pair continuously came up unsatisfied with the end results.
While their countertops and floors appeared clean, Schwartz and Garber oftentimes found themselves opting back to the seemingly more effective yet harsher conventional cleaners. However, once Kevin's dog developed hot spots after being exposed to an ammonia-based cleaner, the Schwrtz's used on their coffee table, Schwartz and Garber decided it was time to develop a product line of natural household cleaners that could help them win the war on germs without suffering any more casualties.
Determined to protect the health of their two- and four-legged family members, the fathers began working with chemists to develop formulations, which used only vegetable-based cleaning agents derived from soy, coconut, palm kernel and sugar. By 2007, the dads had enlisted a full infantry of all-natural, non-toxic and environmentally-responsible products, known as BabyGanics™. Based on their own battle cry of "Works Hard, Plays Safe"™, the line is always on call; ready to clean like crazy, specifically in the areas where families eat, play, bathe, breathe and sleep.
As part of their mission to win a little peace of mind for the like-minded parents, the warrior fathers even drank some of their new formulations. And while they certainly don't recommend repeating the taste test at home, if pets or kiddos happen to ingest any of the BabyGanics product line, there won't be any need to panic or call poison control because all of BabyGanics products are 100% Natural*.The plant-based ingredients are safe around babies: earth safe, people safe and picky mother-in-law safe.
*(This doesn't apply to the alcohol free foaming hand sanitizer products)
So why should you use BabyGanics?
Natural and Organic – Although similar in concept, natural and organic have different meanings. Natural means that BabyGanics is made solely from earthly ingredients. Nothing man-made was added in any part of production. Organic refers to the product as a whole, indicating that BabyGanics helps sustain people and the planet in a holistic way. Free of harsh chemicals/Non-toxic – BabyGanics is 100% chemical free. There are no synthetically derived components. Non-toxic indicates that BabyGanics will not cause adverse health effects, either immediately or in the long-term.
No pollutants – Not only is BabyGanics safe for the home, it is safe for the environment. Because of its pure composition, BabyGanics will not contribute to indoor air pollution and is not a threat to the environment when properly disposed.
No caustic ingredients – Caustic ingredients can cause corrosion or deterioration of a material. Surprisingly and unfortunately these types of ingredients can be found in many cleaning products. BabyGanics is pure, and free of any type of caustic element.
VOC free – VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are chemicals that can be emitted as gas from either a solid or a liquid. Cleaning products that contain VOCs can release this source of air pollution which, in turn, can have negative effects on health. BabyGanics prides itself on being completely free of all volatile organic compounds.
No fillers or dyes – BabyGanics’ all natural ingredients leave no room for fillers or dyes. Its wholesome composition is beyond sufficient and has no need for dyes or fillers.
Superior performance – Removing the chemicals and toxins of conventional household cleaners does not remove the ability of BabyGanics to perform its duties. As a cleaning product BabyGanics has surpassed the performance of average cleaners. When put to the test, BabyGanics capacity to clean is top quality.
Safe for people, pets and the environment – Above all safety is the underlying motivation of BabyGanics. By cleaning your home you should not have to put your loved ones at risk, nor risk polluting the environment. Take the opportunity to switch your current household cleaners to a product that is not only effective but extremely safe as well.
List of BabyGanics products:
The Grime Fighter™ (All-Purpose Household Cleaner)
The Grime Fighter hunts dirt where it lives (and where you live too!): high chair, changing table, crib,cabinets, counter tops, bring it on! So useful you'll want to strap it to your belt!
32 oz spray bottle $6.99
75 count wipes $7.99
25 count wipes $4.99
The Sparkle Maker™ (Glass and Surface Cleaner)
Imagine a magical cleaning fairy who cleans where your babies eat, play, touch. She leaves streak-free glass, mirrors, coutertops and your stone-top surfaces sparkling. Plus, she loves babies so she leaves no unsafe toxins behind. (Fairy not included)
32oz spray bottle $6.99
Floors to Adore™ (Floor Cleaner Concentrate)
To a home with kids, floors are a place to play, skid, sleep, crawl, eat, roll around and occasionally walk. This is no place for dirt or, for that matter, cleaners that contain harsh, chemicals or toxins. Use Floors to Adore on every floor in your home except unsealed wood. Great for carpet machines, too! Keeps your floors clean, safe and ready for action.
16oz bottle $8.99
Scrub-a- Tub™ (Tub and Tile Cleaner)
Your family frolics in their birthday suits in this place. Scum and mildew? Ew! Chemical residue from cleaning products? Double eww! Scrub-a-Tub will leave your bathroom surfaces (even portable ones!) sparkling clean and as harmless as a rubber ducky.
32oz spray bottle $7.49
Dish Dazzler™ (Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap)
Looks like somebody could use a hand at the sink. How about squeaky clean sippy cups, bottles, pacifier and dishes with no scary chemical or gel residue? Whether its baby, family or dinner party dishes, this is the ticket. (You remember dinner parties, don't you?)
18.6oz $6.49
Fine & Handy™ (Foaming Hand Soap)
Hand washing not high on your ‘family fun activities' list? Get the gang together for a foamy giggle-fest! This non-toxic formula cleans, moisturizes and promises endless seconds of safe hilarity. (Maybe we don't get out enough?)
8.45oz $5.99
The Stain Blaster™ (Stain Remover)
You don't know where they came from or what they are, but they're everywhere: mysterious stains and odors on clothes, bibs, diapers, carpets, bedding. Don't ask why, just get them gone with our non-toxic formula. Safe as it is effective. Hey, we're all about solutions. No judgments.
32oz $7.49
Loads of Love™ (3X Concentrate Laundry Detergent)
The key to power is knowing when to use it. Here, we apply 3X the power of regular detergent against your toughest dirt and odors. But when it comes to safety we really power through: no harsh chemicals or toxins to harm or irritate, and we won't damage the flame retardants in your little one's PJ's. That's what we call tough love, baby.
35oz $13.99
Breathin' Easy™ (Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator)
Most air fresheners are just a big cover-up. They mask odors with harsh chemicals and pollutants of their own but don’t attack the source of the odor... We have a different approach: no harsh propellants, all natural ingredients and contaminant free. Perfect for diaper pails, baby's room, car... doesn't that smell better? Glad we cleared the air.
6.75oz $6.99
The Germinator™ (Foaming Hand Sanitizer)
Hands are car pools for germs, and little hands are not picky about who they attack! Enter The Germinator: suddenly hands are safe to hold, kiss and to high-five another lovely day.
Alcohol free
Kills 99.9 % of germs
Fragrance free
2x the use of gels
50ml $3.99
250ml $6.99
Look for these products at your local BabiesRus or visit the link below to order online
When started using these products I can honestly say that i was a little skeptical at first. As a mom its hard for me to to think that something that is so natural could clean as well as the other products on the market. I used to think that to get something clean it would have to smell really bad or be really harsh. Not anymore!! These cleaners have no smell at all and they really do work. Just yesterday i decided to tackle the inside and outside of the fridge and its sparkling clean now. Even the top of the fridge (where it gets a film from all the cooking) wiped right off with no scrubbing! The Grime Fighter™ All-purpose cleaner also comes in a convenient wipe which is great for cleaning up a messy high chair after dinner (and pretty much everything else in between). I also love the Dish Dazzler™ , its so easy to just use one little pump of the foam on the bottle brush and it lasts the whole load of sippy cups. I noticed that i use less compared to the regular dish soap i used to use before so it saves money too. And last but not least is the Breathin' Easy™ air freshener and odor eliminator. I keep my trash in the laundry room due to my little one always trying to do a snatch and grab with the garbage so it doesn't smell the freshest in there but now it does. Its like an army of good smelling lavender that invades the odor and destroys it. So if your ever wondering what cleaners you can use without the worry of it poisoning your family look no farther because this is it! Its so nice knowing that its non-toxic that i even let Hannah help me clean now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Canus L'il Goat's Milk Products

Canus developed a special line of products for babies and young children. Their delicate skin hasn’t been exposed to harsh environments very much and therefore is still ultra-sensitive. Plus they have their own list of li’l skin problems like acne and eczema. That’s why each Li’l Goat’s Milk product is specially formulated to be effective yet extra gentle.

This special line includes :

Tearless Shampoo and body wash (16oz pump bottle )

It’s specially ph-balanced for younger skin, lathers into a rich, bubbly foam and, of course, contains vitamin and nutrient rich goat’s milk.

Moisturizing Lotion ( 16oz pump bottle )

Young skin is particularly sensitive to the drying and irritating effects of the environment, household heating and air conditioning systems, even bathwater.So the goats boosted the moisturizing powers of their own milk with aloe, vitamin A and E extracts and glycerin (a naturally occurring emollient found in all animal and vegetable lipids.) Li’l Goat’s Milk lotion doesn’t just moisturize the surface of the Li’l epidermis but penetrates it so all those extra skin-soothing ingredients can get to work. Dermatologists recommend goat’s milk for eczema and pediatric acne, too.

Bar Soap ( 3.5oz bar )

Many bar soaps strip sensitive young skin of its natural protective oils. They may also contain strong, irritating fragrances. The goats find this appalling. So they set to work and developed a pure, vegetable-base bar soap just for little ones. Naturally it features rich, moisturizing goat’s milk along with glycerin and essential oils. No matter how many times a day you have to wash a sticky face, scrub behind a pair of ears or bathe away an extra layer of dirt (or two), Li’l Goat’s Milk soap will treat your child’s skin with extra gentle care.

Baby Butter ( 8oz Jar )

Thick and super-rich, Li’l Goat’s Milk Baby Butter contains fresh goat’s milk, allantoin, aloe vera, soybean oil and vitamin E extract. Quickly absorbed by young skin and especially effective on eczema, psoriasis and dry patches, it is ideal for children with extra dry and sensitive skin.

Zinc Oxide Ointment ( 10oz Jar )

Zinc oxide is an effective diaper rash treatment. It forms a protective barrier that prevents further irritation and allows young skin’s natural healing process to take over. The goats have added their own, fresh milk to a 40% zinc oxide cream, creating a diaper rash ointment that helps neutralize the burning caused by contact with urine and brings an extra level of moisturizing relief to baby’s bum.

Ultra Moisturizing Wipes ( 80 wipes per container )

Strong yet oh so soft, Li’l Goat’s Milk Baby Wipes are gentle enough to use on little faces yet thick enough to withstand a good scrub. The fragrance is light and natural – none of that artificial baby powder smell. Alcohol-free, each wipe is infused with soothing Li’l Goat’s Milk lotion. While other wipes strip away baby’s natural skin oils, these moisturize as they gently clean away dirt and grime. Wipes easily pull out with one hand.


Well i started using these products about a week ago and was surprised that something with such a great smell could also be soothing to sensitive skin. It has a great fresh and clean smell that lasts all day long. Also a plus to the Shampoo/Body Wash is that you only have to use a tiny amount and it lathers up great. The lotion is great too! It helps with all the little dry spots and is a great moisturizer. This product definitely gets the Mommy Seal of Approval

Jenny from Florida writes:

My son has very bad eczema and this stuff works great for him! I wish i would have known about these products when he was a lot younger. You now have a new customer for life! Keep up the great work.

Shannon from Florida writes:

I love the baby wipes, they are sensitive enough to use on my daughters delicate skin. They also smell great unlike traditional sensitive wipes.

Check out the whole line of products that Canus makes for the whole family, women, and natural products for dogs at the link below.

Go here to be entered into a drawing for a Canus Goat's milk free gift

Look for these products at Drugstore.com

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miessence Organics

Desert Flower Shampoo (Normal to Dry Hair)

Ultra mild for daily use. Great for babies and children! Extremely mild Yucca juice and polyglucose gently cleanse the hair. Panthenol moisturises the hair. Organic avocado oil restores lustre and hydrates dry and damaged ends. Organic herbs add sheen and body to your hair.

Sunflower Body Wash

Gently cleanses your body while moisturising it with lashings of vitamin-rich, cold-pressed organic safflower oil. Contains invigorating orange peel, lemon peel and lime peel oils.
Shampoo 8.5 fl.oz $20.95
Body Wash 8.5 fl.oz $16.95

To purchase click the link below


I just want to say WOW!! I was really amazed with how great these products are. I also like the fact that these are products that everyone in my household can use. There is no need for a million different bottles of shampoo and special body wash for my daughter because these are great for everyone. Hannah has very sensitive skin so i am always looking for things that are more natural to use on her and what i found is something that is safe for her and great for the whole family (including my SO). I used the shampoo on Hannah and was amazed that it didn't bother her eyes at all and it smells great. I also have to tell everyone how refreshing the body wash smells. They made a perfect match by using the orange, lemon, and lime for this body wash. It also rinses off great and doesn't leave any film on your body like other washes i have used before. The best thing of all is that these products are all natural and organic so not only are they good for us they are good for the environment as well.

For more info click the link below

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soleo Organic All Natural Sunscreen

Soleo Organic All Natural Sunscreen is an all-natural, organically produced skin care solution that is safe for humans and the environment. Designed as a consumer friendly and safe alternative to common synthetic based sunscreens, soleo has been innovatively formulated according to naturopathic principles without the use of any chemical UV- absorbers, titanium dioxide, or synthetic preservatives. Created in Australia, Soleo is a major advancement in sun care technology for its water resistant, neutrally scented, has low skin irritation factor, and contains natural organic ingredients.

Price: I found the small bottle on the web for less then $12.00

Check out the website for more info


Leann from Pennsylvania writes:
I got my sunscreen sample yesterday in the mail & we got the chance to try it yesterday. So far we love it. It went on real easy & is not smelly or greasy feeling either. We were out in the pool for a couple hrs in the sun & no sunburn or any type of reaction to my little guys skin! Wonderful product. Thanks Alesha. :-)

Belinda from Texas writes:
I tried my sample out too, I like that it was thick and not super thin and runny like others. I really like the clip that came with it, makes it easy to clip on outside of bag or your shorts. Easy to get to for reapplying it.Thanks

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Welcome to The Mommy Spot

Home to Mommy Tested and Approved and a few new things. This is a place for moms. I will still be testing out Baby/Children/Mommy products so i will still need people to help me with the reviews so be sure to become one of my followers so you will have the chance of being picked to do a review. I will also be hosting giveaways from time to time with some of the products i do reviews on. So please, if you know another mom, tell her to come on over and become a follower. The more followers i get, the more products we can review and have giveaways for.

I also am putting different areas of interest on here as well. For example a Green area for any moms that are interested in living a more green life with their family. Another one for meal ideas for the LO's. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is still under construction so bear with me until its finished. I would also like to thank everyone who has helped me to get this going!!

I would like to know how many of you have pets too! Would anyone be interested in having a section on pets? I could contact some pet friendly companies to do some reviews if i can get enough people that would like to do this. Let me know and please let your friends know about this page so we can get some more support!

To Be Continued.....